I'm an experienced Gestalt-trained integration coach and therapist in the west end of Toronto. I've helped thousands of clients feel more comfortable in their own skin. My approach is very direct, non-judgmental, empathic and sometimes directive. I focus on practical outcomes that will help you deal with your unfinished business. I come to my coaching from a business background in consulting. I have studied many modalities and use them to help my clients integrate and assimilate experiences. I also work with people who have experienced different states of consciousness, helping them integrate their experiences into their day to day lives. Call me at 647-700-8555 for a consultation. My office is at: 2 Wilson Park Road Toronto, Ontario My office is in Parkdale near King St. West and Roncesvalles. The closest subway station is Dundas West. Free on street parking is available on Wilson Park Road My hours are generally 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM I work evenings on an as needed basis

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