Welcome to our psychedelic therapy training course. This training is based on the successful treatment of hundreds of clients over the past several years. We have developed an expertise in evaluating and treating clients with a blend of spirituality and therapeutic modalities. We tailor the medicine to our client’s needs and often use more than one medicine during a treatment. We are not holding our treatment modality up as a model to be strictly followed but more of a starting point for your own practice. We will tell you what works and what doesn’t, based on our experience. Our model gives you a foundation for your practice and we encourage you to build on it based on your own experience. We are also working to get our training accredited and recognized as training of value by institutions and employers.

Psychedelic Therapy online training is intended to support our 6 day experiential workshops that we are launching in a March, 2020 but taking the course by itself will give the learner an excellent overview of the work. Each unit highlights different aspects of psychedelic therapy from the practical and methodological, to the spiritual and scientific. We will show you how we work with clients and train you to work therapeutically, psychologically, spiritually and somatically with them. Knowing how to work with clients and substances will keep you and your clients safe and give you excellent results. A discussion forum and webinars with trainers and students is included in the online training.

The six day residential workshop offers hands on training in our methods and modalities. It is a requirement to complete these training modules before taking the workshop. The online training takes 70 – 90 hours to review and will give you important background for the workshop. Each chapter has a quiz you must pass before moving on to the next chapter.

We are looking forward to meeting you. We are honoured and humbled to have so many smart, experienced, and engaged healers with us. We will send you links for Zoom webinars and a discussion forum to complement and expand your learning opportunities and, of course, meeting the others.

Bradley and Melania