Integration is the process of bringing aspect of your personality together into a whole so you can bring them into your day to day life. It is the essence of Gestalt to be able to examine the parts of a whole and to integrate the missing pieces to make a person whole again. I use my intuition and creativity to help you identify the missing pieces or in the case of people having transpersonal experiences, helping you fit the large pieces of your world together in a way that makes sense to you.

Sometimes we feel like we are coming apart or experiences we’ve had no longer make sense to us. We can become dis-integrated through many causes, but whatever has stuck you, I will help ground you and help you move deliberately through the pieces, examining them and integrating them into a whole new you.

I bring my own experience, creativity, and intuition to help you parse big experiences into something meaningful and true for you. I encourage you to do your own self-reflection and to gain greater self-awareness and insight. For those of you who like to get more work done, I provide homework and check ins between sessions.

I am also interested in the potential of psychedelic psychotherapy in furthering the boundaries of psychotherapy. I do not advocate the use of psychedelics and do not use them in my practice. I do however, see clients who have made the decision to take psychedelics or other mind altering substances and assist them with whatever comes up for them.

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