relationship therapy

I believe that relationships give us meaning in life. It’s important for them to work as well as possible for us and our loved ones to be happy. Couples and families can be seen as systems of relationships which can create all manner of dysfunctional behaviour when things aren’t working well.  Close relationships also serve as a template for forming relationships with friends and at work. So unhealed family relationships can follow us into every area of our life.

I intervene to aid the flow of communication and wellbeing in these systems so everyone gets what they want out of it. Often individual therapy isn’t enough when their behaviour is being acted upon by a family system. This is particularly true of teenagers and young adults still within the family home. I work with individuals, couples and families with the aim of increasing well-being and fulfillment. My specialties are working with young men, intellectually gifted adolescents and adults, creatives, and individuals with a bipolar diagnosis.

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